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relatedLearn how to get rid of gophers and moles reclaiming your beautiful yard in the process. Now you can win the once endless battle of chasing those gopher mounds and mole hills all over your yard. This proven technique of trapping gophers and moles will finally rid your yard of these pesky rodents.

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Gophers can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your lawn, garden and flower beds. Gophers are most active during the spring and fall but can cause a problem any time of the year. Gophers feed on most types of vegetation found in and around your lawn. The can eat approximately 60% of their body weight per day. They have also been know to chew threw irrigation lines and utility wires and even weakening the foundations of homes in some cases.

The mounds that gophers create tend to be crescent shaped and the entrance to the tunnel is at an angle to the surface. Tunnels dug by gophers are larger in diameter and reach deeper than the tunnels dug by moles. The tunnels are much less extensive than the network of tunnels created by moles. However, a gopher can create up to 15 mounds per day in soft soil.

Moles can also cause a huge amount of damage to your lawn and vegetation. Unlike the gopher, the mole feeds on insects mostly but also dines on earthworms, and centipedes. A mole can consume more than 70% of their body weight in one day. The mole doesn't eat your grass and plants but it undermines the root structure and other plant eating pests like voles and mice sometimes use the tunnels created by the moles.

Mole hills are typically distinguished from gopher mounds by their vertical entrance to the tunnel and that it is pretty well centered in the mound. Mole hills also have a volcano type appearance. A single mole can dig several hundred feet of tunnels in just a few days. Moles will abandon tunnels as the food supply dries up so they are constantly creating new tunnels.

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